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My cousin got married!  I was so honored to be able to fly to Connecticut with Chris to shoot her wedding…such a beautiful state, and a beautiful couple.  It was great to be able to see family that I haven’t seen before and see things I’ve heard about for much history and charm I can’t even describe.  I’m so excited to share this sneak peek 🙂

It was cold…especially for this California girl.  Cold.  Like, the kind of cold where snow stays on the ground.  Brrr.  BUT, it was so peaceful, and made for a beautiful backdrop for the church and wedding pictures 🙂

The handsome groom…waiting for the right moment to enter the church…

…the lovely bride, getting ready!  It was seriously, one of the most stunning dresses I’ve seen.  I think, if I were to get married in this day and age (wow, that ages me!), I would totally choose it!

My uncle did the ceremony, so after he walked her down the aisle, my aunt gave her away…beautifully done.  It was a beautiful ceremony…and my uncle gets right to it, I tell ya…I had to run to the back to capture the kiss once I heard those famous words…”by the power vested in me…”

The old church was beautiful…after the ceremony, they dismissed each row themselves…so they were their own “receiving line”…pretty cool idea!

Then we took the formal pictures…during which the bride stopped to chat with her niece (my second cousin–cutest little thing)…

The lovely couple!

The bridal party and bride and groom braved the cold for a few shots…so cool of them :).  Ok, and then the bride brought out this total fairytale CAPE.  Not even kidding, it was amazing, LOVE.

and THIS is why I like a second shooter…while I was getting the shot on the left, Chris got the one on the right.  Gorg.

And off to the reception!  This is the quaint, simple, yet seeping with history church that my uncle pastors.  He even rang the bell.  That is awesome.  Except for the Missions…I can’t name a church with a bell around here.  These churches scatter the state of Connecticut, with steeples! I wonder what they would think of the mega-churches out here…anyhow, hours of work went into making all the decorations and food for the reception.  They transformed a tiny room into a great banquet hall 🙂

Good food, family, friends, speeches, and laughs.  And cake 🙂

Soooo…any family resemblance?  I couldn’t NOT be in any of the pictures now, could I?  Congratulations Joanne <3

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