San Francisco East Bay Photographer | Personal Post/Little Girl Tea Party

How long has it been since I’ve done a personal post??  Hmmm…a long time ;).  Perfect timing for a really fun event.  A couple of nights ago a wonderful friend and fellow photographer (Krista) invited us to a lovely tea party.  Keira (my daughter) was SO excited to dress up and visit her friend (Krista’s daughter) and was looking forward to it all week.  After having two boys, I have to admit that having a girly girl who likes to get dressed up and play tea party is SO. MUCH. FUN.  I knew when Krista asked us to come over that it was going to be a real treat…bunting, tea, cupcakes, garland, tablecloths, pinwheels, cookies, “tea” and so much more…Krista has a talent that I do not have…she has an eye for style and setting the most adorable stages that make for awesome photographs.  And again, she didn’t disappoint, it looked spectacular!  We rode up to Krista’s house with talented Christine and her daughter…and this is how the night went.

Look at Krista’s yard…perfect for little girls, perfect for a tea party!

Fun details, fun new friends!

Cupcakes anyone?

Fun with friends…

Don’t they look like little old ladies just sitting around talking?  I think they are just missing the red hats 🙂

Fun with fairy wands and wings!

Krista’s youngest wanted to join in the fun too!

To top it off, Krista set up this really fun backdrop…more princess fun!

…and I think the mommies had just as much fun as the girls.  Definitely the best tea party I’ve ever been to…thanks so much, Krista!

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