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I got to do something SO fun this evening!  It’s not so often that I get willing subjects that come out and pose for me…usually I’m jumping up and down like a crazy person…well, I probably did some of that tonight, but well, hopefully not too bad!  Met up with the wonderful Krista at her suggestion that we do something FUN.  Something just for US.  Um, yeah…I’m totally in.  It was awesome.  We pushed the limits of our 5D mark II’s until it was pitch black…you wouldn’t believe some of these settings if I told ya!

Anyhow, senior photography isn’t huge in our area at all.  Most people think that I’m talking about senior citizens when I mention “senior photography.”  Not so…got to shoot the beautiful Alicia tonight for her graduate portraits.  Go class of 2011.  Enjoy!

…and then it was dark…really dark.  But, we had fun with that too!

I think my settings were around 1/15, 4500 ISO, 2.8…around 200mm on my 70-200.  Insane! Love the mark II!

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