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…to be with my own kids…simple things, like running through a hose in the back yard, going to a bay side beach not too far away, reading, laughing.  being.  And because I hear it from my clients all the time…here are my own kiddos, who I don’t share enough of ;).  They all make me melt in their own ways.  In the words of one of my online friends…bless.

Bear with me friends…this will be a long one.

My hope and constant prayer is for edification, and that they will continue to build upon each others character forever.  One challenge as a parent is to know how to foster their relationship and friendship.

Eye contact?  A rare feat 🙂

From birth, this child’s eyes have looked straight into my soul.  A constant reminder of my gift from God.

His name means “hero of God.”  I didn’t know that until today when I googled it.  I just thought Gabriel was an angel in the Bible…our reasoning  for naming in part that it was a derivative of my own name.  I cannot wait to see what it in store for this boy.

…and because I know you want to see them in color, hehe.

My sweet second.  Because he impresses me in ways unimaginable.  I didn’t know the meaning of the word “initiative” until I met this child.  He feeds his siblings in the morning while I sleep a bit longer, he reads books 2-3 grade levels beyond him, he breaks the ice with open honest questions and makes an entire group of children his friends in a matter of minutes.  His name meaning suits him as well.  Jehovah helps.  King Josiah in the Bible…the boy king at age 8.  Go figure.  Plus, well, he’s my one that looks most like me.  (had to throw that in there somewhere…those Chandler genes come screaming through!)

And sweet sister…who, by the way is giving me a run for her money at age 3.  I really do miss the 2’s if that’s possible!  Regardless.  A treasure.  Adored by “her boys” and loved by all.  I’m totally cracking up because according to SO many baby name sites her name means “dark haired”  bahahaha!  But I did find one that said “Lady”…well, true that.

If you made it this far…thanks.  End.

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