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A free morning?  Make that a free WEEKEND morning…what is that?  It’s been a busy fall!  I’ve been so grateful to all my wonderful clients for making this year fabulous…but it gets hectic, and busy…and this morning was about my kids.  And Christmas cookies.  And while the pictures look rather calm and serene we had our share of laughs, fun, broken bowls, the whole nine yards.  The other nice thing about this morning was taking pictures with no agenda…editing just for me, in whatever hodge podge way I felt like…eventually I want to get my business to this point.  All lifestyle…all fun.  A morning with a family making cookies.  A morning at the Farmer’s market.  An afternoon of singing songs and reading in a field.  All candid, all loving. all fun.  We’ll get there!

Enjoy my three.  Messy hair.  Pj’s.  Sticky hands and faces.  These are mine.

She was getting pretty dramatic here 🙂

Candy canes, stars, reindeer and Christmas Trees!


Chris made the best cider while we made cookies.  Yum!

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