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I so enjoy meeting up with other photographers and photographing different subjects together.  I get together with several photogs several times a year to do just that.  It’s fun having different groups of friends with different dynamics that allow for creative learning together and so. much. fun.  Well, this first model is the lovely cousin of the lovely Krista Lund ( and she kindly allowed us to pose her up…despite swollen feet and tons of walking…she was a real trouper.  Thanks so much, J!

We found the most awesome old truck…loved these!

Isn’t she stunning?!!

And to the second part of this post…once a year a group of very special photogs (that I’ve grown to love so much throughout the years I’ve known them) get together in some portion of the country for a meet up.  This year it was in our very own SF Bay Area!  We came together for 4 days of fun in a rented house…learning together through group shoots and discussions, and also having tons of fun 🙂  We were lucky enough to be able to photograph one of our own…the very talented Jessica Washburn as she is due with her 5th baby later this summer!

Gorgeous lady!

…and here’s everyone!  We were lucky enough to have some amazing sponsors this year as well that sent us some AMAZING goodies!  I’ve tried them all and definitely recommend them!  They are WHCC, Pinhole Pro, Millers, Simply Color, Borrow Lenses, Asuka, Bay Photo, ProDPI, Pexagon, Ketti Bags, and LilyBlue Actions.

From left to right starting in the back row on down:  Tiffany Burke, Laurie Sachs, Ketti Phillips, Julie Lewis, Megan Wilkinson, ME!, Anna Booker, Janice Sarcomo, Keri Walters, Heather Latimer, Summer Hillesheim, Aimee Butier, Christine Foehrkolb, Leandra Saenz (and little Mary), Melissa Balthaser, Kati Berwald, Melissa Zihlman, Cherron McDonald, Melissa Anderson, and Jessica Washburn!

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