San Francisco Bay Area Baby Photographer | 6 month baby girl!

I had the great honor of shooting a fellow photographer tonight.  Leandra asked me to capture one of the most precious moments that a mother has between a baby.  It’s been so long since I breastfed a baby that I never thought to document this sweet period of my babies’ lives.  It’s such a blessing to be able to do this for another fellow photographer.  And a friend.  So we met together with our older daughters and had a really fun time together.  I love what online networking does…brings people closer together.  People that I may not have ever met otherwise.   Bless.

…and well, we know little babies…after awhile the environment surrounding them was more interesting than the “feeding.”

Love that big, chunk of baby.  How cute!

She sure loves her mommy 🙂



Then big sister joined in the fun.  She and my daughter were off picking flowers 🙂  She brought some to share.

See, little sister is all over those flowers!!

Here are the big girls waiting patiently for their turn, haha.  It was a tiny bit chilly.

Loved watching them play together 😉

A bit of patty cake and they were the best of friends 🙂


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