Mountain View, Ca Newborn Photographers

I traveled into the south bay this morning for a special, sweet baby’s newborn session!  She was actually a little bit on the older side of newborn, but once we got her belly full and she fell asleep she did amazing!  I love how she’s already starting to fill out and moving on to becoming a much older baby, but still allowed me to mold her into sweet poses.  I really enjoyed meeting her sweet family for the newborn session…it’s been so beautiful in the San Francisco Bay Area this spring and that makes for wonderful baby photography!

Enjoy the sneak peek!

Love those lips!!  She gave me a little pout at one point and I had to take a quick snap!

Love the simplicity of this one…she had such fair, pink skin…perfect on this neutral background!

I can never decide which angle is my favorite…love her in both of these!

She just looked like a sweet spring chicky hatching out here…so adorable!

…and again with the angle, too cute!

I have a few spots left this April and May for newborn shoots…if you’re interested, I would be happy to send you some information!  I also love to see kids grow!  So, if you have a baby and book 2 sessions in the year, the third session fee is on me.  For instance…if you book a newborn shoot and a 6 months shoot, then your 1 year picture fee is on me!  It’s a wonderful way to capture the many changes that take place throughout that first year of life.  I love to see children grow and develop and come back year after year:)

Pleasanton, CA newborn baby photographer

I love seeing families grow!  This family is special…I’ve been able to photograph each baby through the years and they just added the sweetest little 6 day old addition to their family!  After two sweet boys, they now have a baby girl!  It’s so fun to watch the boys interact with her and welcome her into their family.  The brothers were so willing to hold her, touch her, and love on her.  It was so fun!  I can’t wait to share the images from their newborn baby session with you!  Thanks mommy for allowing me the opportunity!

Brothers and new baby ACP

They were pleased as punch:)

brothers and new baby girl ACP

And some of sweet girl all on her own!  I was so excited that mom loved lavender and turquoise…that combination is so beautiful, and she looked beautiful wearing those colors!

newborn in white ACP


baby on purple ACP

baby on blue/purple ACP

Her skin was just so pretty…pink and sweet.  She had no blemishes, just pure.  Love.

pink baby ACP

If you’re interested in booking Angela to do your newborn or family shoot, please contact us via the link below!  I would love to meet your family and capture these moments for you…there is a very short window of time where newborn sleepy baby pictures can be captured, and I usually like to get them within the first 10 days of life.  All of the babies you see on my website are under 10 days, so don’t hesitate to contact me right away!

If your baby is older, that’s ok, we can still get wonderful pictures of them too, they will likely be more awake and alert which makes for a wonderful session as well.  Other milestones to capture would be the 6 month stage (where baby can sit unassisted), and the older baby stage around their first birthday to mark those milestones.  Capturing babies at different stages is so fun!  Please email me at or use the links below.

San Francisco Bay Area Newborn Photographers

Today I went all the way to Sacramento to meet this sweet family for their newborn session.  Daddy is a wonderfully successful wedding photographer ( and just had a brand new baby, so I had the honor of photographing their latest addition…baby #4!  It’s always fun to see old friends and catch up, and what better way to do that than spend time with their family at their photography session, photographing a newborn.  This little guy, really isn’t so little.  He was their largest baby, weighing in at over 9 lbs!  Large babies are so cute anyway…tons of sweet chubbiness to squish up and cuddle.  <3

He is absolutely adored by his big brothers and sister!

We started out with him awake, and I love capturing babies with their eyes wide open to the world.  It’s almost like you get a tiny glimpse into their soul.  He has naturally full lips that curve up at the ends…almost like a smile every time you look at him.  So sweet!

Sweet kisses from big sister!

…and love from brothers!

All of them together!

Love how they adore him!  Part of shooting in people’s homes allows me to photograph them in the space where they live, reside, play, and love.  Pictures that reflect normal, everyday life are more meaningful to me, and that’s what I love about these next few:)  Just love to be able to have a family “be” together in front of my lens.

…and once all the big kids are done we can focus on just photographing the baby…let him fall into a deeeeep sleep that lets me mold him into whatever position he will allow.  Little guy was just over 2 weeks old, but still slept like a champ and we have the sweetest pictures of him to show for it.

His chin!!  So cute <3

Love sweet close ups and macros…

Thank you mommy and daddy for the fun morning spent together!  Enjoy!

San Francisco Baby Photographers

It was a rainy, rainy, wet day in the San Francisco Bay Area, but it didn’t matter because I met this wonderful family in their beautiful San Francisco home for their baby portrait session.  Baby girl is about to turn 6 months old and she is showing all the fun signs of that age!  She has grown so much since her newborn session, and it’s great to be able to see her wide awake, interacting, smiling, giggling, and so happy!  She was such a joy!  I can’t wait to share her huge smile with you!

I love her huge wide eyes…so expressive!

baby close up ACP

Love how this position is so telling of that 6 month old age.  Babies this age just love to lie on their backs and grab their feet, and she was no different…we had to capture that aspect of her age!

baby on back with toes up ACP

Plus her sweet smiles!  I love her sweet wispy baby hair too!

baby on back top view ACP

…and her smile just got wider as the morning went on…gorgeous and sweet…her laugh was contagious!

She let us get so much variety, what a fun girl!  I love this fun milestone position too…6 month babies can lie on their tummies and push up (without being able to crawl away yet!), and it creates such fun pictures!

Love the colors!!  So girly and fun!

Well, we always take some family pictures too at the baby sessions.  I particularly loved the light and color in the pictures today.  Mom and dad are so fun-loving and big sister was ready to smile, laugh, kiss, and hug.  So much love to share with each other!  If you have a baby and would like a family session, please contact me!  I still have February dates on the calendar, and it would be awesome to photograph your sweet baby at every important stage of their “babyhood.”

Walnut Creek, Ca Newborn Photographers

I had the pleasure of visiting this sweet family 20 months ago for the birth of their first baby, and now number two has arrived!  6 day old newborn baby boy was ready for his photo session, and was awake for the first half of the session…ready to interact with his sweet family, and then fell asleep at the perfect time so we could just focus on him…perfection!

I do love trying to take pictures of babies when they are awake at first since their beautiful dark eyes are always searching and curious…they can’t quite focus just yet and every now and then they catch your gaze (or maybe the big, dark camera creates a nice contrast with the light, ha!), and they stare.  I love how he is looking towards the light in this one…his parent’s bed a gorgeous backdrop!

Newborn baby on bed ACP

And after he had fallen asleep we were able to pose him up for the remaining time left in his portrait session.  He slept like a dream, so sweet and peaceful.  I loved them so much both in color, and in black and white…so for many, I couldn’t choose!

Bottom up newborn boy ACP

When I put babies onto their backs after they have just fallen asleep, they often startle or wave their arms around a bit.  If the baby isn’t bothered by his waving arms and is still calm, I’ll let them go for a minute and see if their arms land in a comfortable position that is natural for the baby.  This little guy completely cracked me up…he put his own arms up and over his head like he was just relaxing away.  Too cute.

Baby boy arms behind head ACP

Loved how his little face looks in these!

And again in black and white…with a crazy hat, ha!  I’m usually not one for crazy hats, but loved this fun look!

And again with the natural hand placement…what a doll!!

close up back lit baby boy ACP

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