San Francisco bay area newborn photographer | Palo Alto maternity shoot

It’s so fun to see wedding clients (gorgeous, fabulous, wonderful wedding clients) start their lives together, and a couple of years later add a new member of their family.  This little guy, at one month old, was so alert with the cutest little chin and face.  I loved everything about him down to his spiky hair and dimples when he grinned.  What a doll!  Enjoy this tiny peek into our session!

Such a sweet face!  He was wide awake at first, and with some rocking…soon, he was out!

So simple and sweet!

Thanks for having me out, sweet family…a joy to meet your new family member and capture these memories for you!

I also had a maternity session after the newborn session that same day!  This little family is ready to add baby #2 to their family. They had me come out to their home for the photo session, and they did a bunch of lifestyle family session pictures with the big brother.  We had fun baking with mommy, puzzles with daddy, playing games together, and we also threw in some maternity pictures in the new baby’s room.  I jumped at the chance to do some maternity pictures since I love those.  Mama was so pretty <3

Are you pregnant and looking to have your belly or newborn baby photographed?  I would love to do that for you!  The best thing to do is to contact me near the end of your pregnancy for a newborn and the middle of your pregnancy for maternity pictures.  I usually like to do belly pictures when mommy to be is large enough to show a bump and still comfortable, usually around 32-36 weeks, depending on the person.  For newborns, it’s never too early to book…contacting me before the baby is born guarantees that I will have a spot available before your baby is 10 days old.  I also have deals when pre-booking both a maternity and newborn session.  Contact me today for details!

San Francisco Bay Area Baby Photographer | Oakland baby

I got to meet this 2 month old baby today!  I loved her long gaze and sweet smile, as well as meeting big sister and mommy and daddy.  I have a ton of images to share, so I’ll jump right in!


Love how excited big sister is about her little sister…so sweet!



baby on white

Tummy time!  Her little expression is so cute here!

Love, love, love this serious black and white…those eyes!

And even 2 month olds fall asleep…and it’s always fun to capture that!

Those lips!

After her power nap she woke up for a few more pictures…and what a doll she was!

Pretty in pink!  Love her!

Do you have an older baby?  I would love to photograph them!  After the newborn stage, sometimes I get asked when the next shoot will be…I often reply with more of a milestone guideline instead of exact ages.  Once baby hits 4-5 months, they are doing consistent tummy time and can hold their head up consistently…and they often like to lay on their backs and kick and grab their feet..that stage makes for adorable pictures.  Additionally, when baby is 6-10 months old and is sitting unassisted, that’s another great stage for pictures.  And of course, the 1 year birthday is always great to celebrate with more pictures because it’s such a milestone.  The end of their very first year where they have grown the most.  At one year, many families like to do a cake smash indoors on backdrops or outdoors on a blanket.  It’s fun to just capture them at this stage where they are standing or walking, babbling and just so expressive!

Contact me to find out availability for your older baby session…it can take place in the San Francisco Bay Area, or the Central Valley.  I do have sessions available towards the end of this month.  Send me a message today!

San Francisco Family Photographer | Crissy Field

Well, many, many people were out enjoying the awesome weather at the beach this weekend…our original plan was to take pictures at Baker Beach, but after zero parking and a hard time getting in and out, we quickly shifted plans to go to Crissy Field (the beach on the bay side of the bridge).  Luckily, we were able to find a calm patch of the beach without anyone getting in our pictures…success!

This sweet family is on their way out of our state:(.  I have photographed them before and will miss them terribly.  Dear friends are hard to come by, I may just have to pack my camera and head up north at their next photography needs!

We started with just a walk on the beach…

We fought the wind and the waves a bit, but there is no better place than right here…love California beaches!

Love how fun they are…great together!

Love how well black and white translates on this beach.

Their interactions were so genuine, loving, and fun.

This lovely lady is entering high school…these pictures mark a milestone in her life.  Mostly, I love her beautiful smile and bubbly personality.  Joy.

Just before we left the beach she asked if she could play in the water and maybe kick some at her dad…the reactions were hilarious.  That water is COLD, and dad was a great sport in allowing her to do it.

Thank you, sweet family, for battling the wind, the cold water and yet beautiful day in San Francisco.  I hope you have made special, wonderful memories here that you will carry with you forever.  You will be loved wherever you are, and I know you will make a huge impact in your new community as well.  Thank you for everything you have given to us!  Best wishes on your new adventure!  <3

San Francisco Newborn Photographers

This lovely family invited me out to photograph their third baby girl on Sunday!  It was such a joy to see their big girls all excited and ready to welcome baby sister into their family.  I’ve been able to photograph this family many times, and the girls are always so sweet, smiley and bubbly…I was totally looking forward to this session.  It’s always great to talk to mommy and daddy and see how they’re doing…along with chatting and giggling with the girls.  Too much fun!

Just love those smiles so much!  Plus, baby sister’s dark hair is so pretty with her complexion!

Love how sister is looking at me here, LOL, enjoying those big sister cuddles!

Love the whole family!

And after the family pictures we shift to just baby pictures…loving how sweet she is!

That dark hair…such a beauty!

That grin though!!  I about died when I saw it come through my lens!

Love that sweet bear:) Always makes me smile to see that hat!

Lately I’ve been loving sweet baby girls in blue.  Gone are the rules where little boys are the only ones wearing blue.  Soft blue is just “baby” to me, and I love seeing little girls sporting it!

Annnnd a little birch to round out the session.

Also…loving sweet babies in yellow…soft yellow is one of my favorite colors, and I don’t get asked to bring it very often.  I jumped at the chance to bring it on Sunday.  Sweet baby woke up a bit at the end, and I love how her dark eyes stared at me for a little bit…and then she drifted off again.  At just 10 days old, this baby girl was the perfect kind of awake and sleepy for her session.  I thoroughly enjoyed meeting her!

Just love the softness in this last shot!

San Francisco Family Photographer | Lafayette Park

So, after just getting back from vacation, I jumped right back into the swing of things with 4 sessions this past weekend including 2 newborns!  It did take a lot out of me, but every single session was a repeat portrait client, 3 of them in San Francisco…all of them in the San Francisco Bay Area…and it was so great to see them all.

This first family is just gorgeous…I was able to capture their maternity pictures, newborn pictures, and 6 month pictures of this tiny miss…so great to be able to see her now at 18 months!  What a doll!  We took advantage of the beautiful weather in San Francisco and met up in Lafayette park.  At the top of the hill I saw the gorgeous lavender and knew we had to capture that color!  So fun:)

family with toddler

family with toddler girl

family with toddler

Little miss was so cute about wanting to “sit” different places…so cute!

toddler girl purple flowers

She just loved the purple flowers…her little cheeks were so cute!

little girl purple flowers

smiling 18 month old

Love that giant smile!

Love her little sunglasses!

I do have some spots available for family sessions this summer, contact me right away.  The heat definitely gets to you when you’re out in the Central Valley and doing family pictures in 100 degree heat is NO fun…but if you move into the Bay Area, the evening breeze and cooling fog of San Francisco offers plenty of cool weather to do pictures all summer long.  So, don’t hesitate to contact me and we can discuss the best place to do your family sessions.  I shoot in many cities around the san francisco bay area and I’m able to help you choose a location that is suitable for your tastes and your family.  I love to capture interactions in a fun, playful way…including everyone and making sure we get plenty of variety throughout the shoot.  I can’t wait to meet you and your family in the near future!

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