Palm Event Center Photographers | Pleasanton, CA

Well, here is a switch from many baby blog posts to something quite different…a wedding!  This wonderful couple got married at the Palm Event Center in Pleasanton, CA at Ruby Hill.  What a gorgeous location for a wedding!  It’s such a gorgeous location for a couple to tie the knot.  They’ve been together through so much…military life, deployment, and despite hard times are truly meant for each other.  He is currently in the army (former marine!), and she’s planning to be a doctor.  Such ambition!  I’m so thankful for this groom’s commitment to serving our country, and it was an honor and a pleasure to be able to capture their special day.  It was warm, but a touch cloudy…beautiful lighting for images, and nice for guests to sit out of the sun through the ceremony.  There was a party atmosphere throughout the reception for sure, and fun people all around for them to share the night with.  Close friends, sweet family, and even the sweet bride’s dog was the ring bearer at the wedding.  He did is job perfectly!

Well, thank you for allowing me to be part of the day, lovely bride and groom.  Enjoy your life together, and cherish the memories always.  Enjoy your sneak peek!

Isn’t she stunning?

Gorgeous ceremony location!

Sabre arch to welcome her into their military family:)

Love!  Among the vineyard.

So in love!

She ended the evening in a gorgeous red dress with a silver dragon down the front.  She rocked it…stunning.

The Estate Room was filled with barrels…and empty.  We had to take advantage of it for some final shots!  Such a stunning location, place, couple and event!

…and there are MANY more images and video clips to be seen here on the fusion video!  It’s so fun to be able to put small videos together for wedding couples.  It’s something I’ve been doing for a few years now.  I like to supplement the pictures (the main event…why they hired me) with short video clips that help to emphasize the atmosphere, texture, and really, just to give movement to the pictures.  I just love how it turned out…enjoy!

San Francisco Bay Area Newborn Photographer

Another gorgeous day in San Francisco today!  Little guy was 11 days old and ready for his newborn session bright and early this morning!  He was the calmest, sweetest little guy, and it was great to be able to have so much fun posing him up!  He started out in a dreamy awake phase, and then drifted off!  Can’t wait to show you his sneak peek!

Love this little smirk he had!  He reminded me why I love to photograph these little people so much.  What a joy!

…and he fell asleep!

They had the prettiest light coming in a large window…it skimmed beautifully over his face accentuating his beautiful features.  Gorgeous!

Love all his pile of toes, back wrinkles, squishy cheeks…everything!

Simple and modern…love that!

He totally made me work for this next one…but it might even be my favorite!

Love when babies put their head on their hands…so sweet, relaxed and innocent looking!

Precious fingertips!

Well, I have just a few slots left for summer photography before the fall rush where everyone is looking for family sessions and family pictures for holiday cards and such…so if you are looking for a newborn photographer, don’t hesitate to contact me right away (even while you are still pregnant and waiting for baby to arrive) to be sure I leave room for you in my schedule.  I love photographing these little people so much, and enjoy meeting all their family that comes with it:)  I would love to be able to capture these memories for you or someone you love…timeless pictures that are perfect memories of your little bundle of joy…memories you can look back on in the years to come.  It’s only once in a lifetime that we can capture all the “newness” of a sweet baby, and I would love to be your photographer too!

San Francisco Bay Area Newborn Photography

It started off foggy in San Francisco this morning, but that didn’t stop our newborn photography session!  This sweet, 2 week old baby was wide eyed and ready to go!  As she was falling asleep, the fog gave way to a gorgeous, sunny day, and we even were able to go into their backyard for some really fun shots!  It’s always fun to be able to do that in the city known for their frigid summer weather!  Anyhow, sweet mom and dad looked on as we were able to pose little baby girl up, and get both awake and sleepy pictures to remember for a lifetime!

Enjoy your sneak peek, mom and dad!

Loved her wide, deep eyes so much!

…and then she fell asleep.  Love the simple beauty of the combination of the soft palette of colors and gorgeous creamy new baby skin!  I really wanted to snuggle her all day!

She has the best lips and little dimpled chin!  <3

Squish!  Love those cheeks too!

This set up is always a favorite, smooch!

Love how relaxed she looks here!

Babies like this sweet one that you see on my site and blog are best photographed under 2 weeks of age.  The best way to ensure that my schedule doesn’t book up is to inquire and book me while you are still pregnant.  If you (or someone you know) is pregnant, please have them use the contact button below and drop me a line!  I would love to pencil your due date into my calendar and make a permanent date once your baby arrives.  Then you can have wonderful, timeless memories of the early days of your baby…while they are in that sleepy, curly stage, so indicative of how they were in the womb.  This is some of my favorite kind of photography!

San Francisco Bay Area Family Photographers

Well, the clouds had me worried this morning…Fremont, CA was looking pretty gray for awhile, and I wondered if this family’s photo session was going to take place in the cloudy weather.  But, the fog burned off and it was all sunny and warm the entire time!  This wonderful family has had me photograph different milestones for years now.  I remember coming to this same garden when big sister just turned one…now it was little sister’s turn for her 1 year old session!  It’s a joy to be able to capture wonderful memories of them being together, loving, hugging, playing, and the like!  I hope you enjoy your sneak peek from our session this morning, sweet family!

I started with the 2 year old brother…middle of three at just 2 years old himself!  He is mellow, handles his sisters just beautifully, and has such a wonderful peace about him.  <3 (not to mention amazing gray eyes!)

The rose garden was so beautiful, big sister kept wanting to show me more and more!

and littlest sister…just turned one!  Gorgeous, sweet, and so amiable.  What a doll!

And, for real?  The happy faces just keep coming!  She is standing on her own, but not yet walking.  She reminds me of my daughter.  Such a tiny little smidge, and my latest walker of my own three.

…all three together was a challenge.  They kept wanting to hug and kiss little sister…so why stop them?  Love!

Everyone loves daddy time!  Playing with daddies is a great way to almost always ensure the best smiles!  This little one loves hers for sure;)

Love that flowery bokeh so much!  Well, at the very end of the session, we asked big brother and big sister to hug it much in love with this image!  They are so adorable together!  What a joy!

Castro Valley, CA newborn photographers

Sweet baby girl is just one week old, and ready for her newborn session this morning!  She is a bit over 8 lbs. and too cute for words.  Loving mommy and daddy, and awesome big brother (whom I also photographed as an infant!) welcomes her with sooo much love into the family!  It was nice and warm (a must!) when I arrived to take pictures, and baby girl’s belly was completely full…that combination puts you into a nice, deep sleep:).  She was ready to go!  So fun to be able to watch mommy and daddy and big brother interact with her in her newborn session!  Enjoy the sneak peek!

Before she fell asleep completely we decided to do some family pictures.  Big brother is up first…it’s so hard to be 2 and have a brand new sibling, but he handled it beautifully, and I can’t believe that this shot came out of my camera!!  <3!

I think they’re ready to be buds forever.  Sweet mommy had some pictures too!

Love when babies decide they’re going to smile:)  Her little grin is to die for!

And all alone, again, more grins!  She looks so cute here!

…and then, a dead sleep:)  She let me pose her all up in different ways…headbands, and lots of pink!  This mommy better be ready for a wave of pink!

I think her hair is my most favorite part…so thick and dark…a wonderful contrast to her sweet, smooth skin!

Love the pink/yellow combination!  So fun to be able to use so many setups and get a lot of variety for mommy!

…and this special image is one that I did with baby brother a little over 2 years ago!  It’s so fun to be able to recreate it with little sister.  That way they have a pair to hang on their wall together:)

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