San Francisco Newborn Baby Photographer

Newborn babies are always a favorite to photograph, but this one seemed to be especially close to my heart.  Two big brothers and one new baby sister all dressed up and ready for their newborn photography session just reminded me of my own little family just a short 9 years ago!  I remember the excitement of finding out after two boys we were about to add a baby girl to our family, and I remember how dearly the boys looked at their new little baby.  These boys were no different.  They were adorable, and so in awe of her…they had fun cuddling up to her, kissing her, giving her tiny tickles and just being the best big brothers ever.  Watch out, mommy and daddy…9 years have flown by for me, and very soon you’ll have 2 teenagers on your hands with a younger sister they will look after.

I was delighted to find out from mommy that the colors they have chosen for baby girl’s nursery were purple with white and green as accent colors.  Such a nice, fresh change for pictures.  I do a lot of neutrals and a lot of pink with baby girls, and it’s really great to be able to photograph a fresh color!  I brought as much lavender as I possibly could find, from blankets to props to headbands and hats.  It was so fun!

Baby girl was amazing through everything.  We started with the family and the boys first…because as great as young boys are, they do tire quickly, and all they want to do is be able to play, right?  So, then after those pictures we were able to focus on just the baby.  She did amazing.  At 5 days old she slept like a dream, and I was able to get through my set in record time.  What a fun session!

San Francisco Bay Area family photographer | Livermore CA

Spring in the San Francisco Bay Area is a beautiful time for family pictures and photo sessions!  The flowers are in bloom and the grass is really green everywhere.  The weather has been warm and beautiful.  This sweet family had me out to their Livermore, CA, house for some family pictures.  They just added a new little guy almost 4 months ago, and they wanted to document his addition to the family.  Many people choose to do newborn photo sessions with new babies in the excitement of the new addition, but there’s also something to be said about those who want to wait a little longer too.  Older babies are so adorable too…cooing, smiling, responding, awake, and just adorable with all of the facial expressions and pure joy.

I also love photographing in clients’ homes…there is something to be said about photographing in the environment where kids are comfortable, babies are happiest, and where the family is already making their lifelong memories.  When they look back on their pictures years later they can remember where they were in that stage of life.  Looking back, the young years of my kids are a blur…and I’m grateful for all the pictures to remind me of chubby cheeks, baby feet, and huge smiles.

This family was up for everything…we started in the backyard, moved inside, and then went to the front yard where they have an amazing oak tree at the beginning of their housing development.  It was great to be able to change up the environment for baby and big brother.  They had a great fountain, greenery and lamp post in the back yard, and the serene color and beautiful light in the baby’s room created perfect backdrops for the photo session!

Enjoy the sneak peek, there’s so much cuteness to be had!

His faces while in mommy’s lap!  Love!

Sweet boy with daddy!

…big grin!

San Francisco Newborn Baby Photography | 9 day old newborn

I love this family!  How adorable are they?  They live in an amazing house in San Francisco with a gorgeous backyard…like a green lush garden…beautiful trees and landscaping.  But the most beautiful thing of all is their family.  Dad and Mom…big sister (whose newborn pictures I took just 19 months ago!) and they just added a brand new baby sister…9 days old!  Sometimes toddlers are unpredictable, especially when their world is turned upside down with the addition of a new baby.  Big sister, in this case, was so unbelievably excited about her little sister.  Her “baby” was someone new to love.  So cute!  I loved watching them interact…and new baby was the sweetest, easiest baby.  Gorgeous skin and dainty features.

Their photo session was so fun!  They were dressed up and ready to go when I got there on Saturday morning.  The rain paused for us to go out in their garden and take some pictures.  I love when parents want to jump in on the pictures.  One of my own childrens’ favorite thing to do is sit down and look through our old photo albums.  They desperately want to see more images of mom and dad…holding them as babies, smiling and loving on them.  As adults we often are self conscious about how we look (especially after just giving birth!), but all the kids see is how much we loved them, and the things we did together.  I try and encourage all parents to get in front of the camera at least for a couple pictures…so they are not left with any regrets!  All I see in these pictures is this family’s beauty and love.


Big sister has the best smile, best curls, and best eyes…they are so expressive and just plain fun!

The love of family!

Love their connection!

They just cracked me up!

So pretty!!

San Ramon Wedgewood Wedding

It was a rainy, cloudy day…but that didn’t get this bride and groom down at all.  They were up for anything, and the love of family and friends saw them through their wonderful day.  The girls sported fun umbrellas, dressed in lavender.  The purple rosemary was in bloom, and the course was green and lovely…a plus for this time of year in our dry San Francisco Bay Area!  The couple has been together for a few years, and together with their little boys, parents, nephews, cousins, siblings, and friends celebrated their love.  It was great to be back at Fremont Community Church for the wedding ceremony, and then photograph another reception at Wedgewood in San Ramon, CA.  Great venues, perfectly suiting this great crowd.

Love to start the day with “getting ready” shots!

The ceremony started quickly after that!

Then they headed on over to the reception site to set up their decorations, take formal pictures, and enjoy their cocktail hour before dinner and the rest of the festivities started!

The beautiful bride!

The bride and her mother…I used to teach with her mother.  I feel I owe many things I’ve learned about teaching, preschoolers, and parenting to her after shadowing her for years.  Such a joy to be able to attend her daughter’s wedding and photograph them all:)

The rest of the bridal party!

Bride and Groom!  <3

Time to party!  The dinner was delicious, table toasts and greetings after that…then the first dance and toasts by the maids of honor and best man to round out the night.

And they danced the night away!

Thank you for the opportunity to photograph your beautiful day!  Congratulations and best wishes on a wonderful life together!

Are you getting married in the next year?  Please send me a message today, I would love to photograph your event:)

San Francisco Newborn Baby Photographers

Even though it was raining and pouring in San Francisco yesterday morning, we were ready for this little baby boy’s photo session…warm and snug up in his mommy’s bedroom.  It was a great room with a beautiful view of the bay, providing tons of natural light to illuminate the room, the baby, and show off all of his adorable features!  I love showing how tiny and perfect little baby faces through simple posing and great pictures.  We started with some fun family pictures.  My backdrops are small and just for baby, so I really love to capture families in their natural environment…on a bed, on a couch, in front of their fireplace, or out in the yard.  We did some fun ones on their bed, since that’s the place where many baby snuggles take place in those first few days when mom is recovering and resting.  Then, we moved on to concentrate on baby alone.  He had such a sweet demeanor, and at almost 9 pounds he was chubby and cute, and slept through the whole thing.  What a doll!

Love those cheeks and that dark hair.  So sweet!

We took some pictures with his sweet teddy bear.  It was almost as big as he was!

We ended the session with him “just chillin’”

Sometimes the more natural “unposed” pictures are the ones that speak to me in a session the most.  Babies are little lives, perfect, and should be treated as such.  It’s discouraging to me to see people get caught up in the “poses” or the “props”…hats, etc.  Some of that is fun, no doubt, but I do find myself drawn to simple, neutral…unposed.  Do you have a baby on the way?  Are you looking for natural, beautiful, timeless images of your baby?  Please contact me today for information regarding a session for you and your little one!

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