Milpitas, CA newborn photographer

It’s an 8 day old baby boy on the blog today!  I was so excited to meet him!  He was prepped and ready for his newborn photo shoot in the bay area this morning, cute as a button too:).  He has the best wavy dark hair, and brown eyes.  He was a big guy, born just over 8 pounds, and has gained that back and then some!  Couldn’t help ooh-ing and ahh-ing all over him, what a doll!  He started awake and then settled into sleep as we went along.  It was wonderful to catch up with his mommy and grandma as the session went along.  I used to teach with his grandma and have known them for years.  What a treat!  Thank you for the fun morning spent with you all, enjoy the sneak peek!

Love this little curious face peering up at me!

…fast asleep:)

Sweet guy!  Loving his hands, and all his features!

So comfy all stretched out:)

Sweet as pie up on his hands:)

Yep, still love that closeup angle!  Those little lashes and that pouty lip!

Such a boy!  Also, daddy’s boy…daddy’s smitten.  Love.

If you are interested in a maternity or newborn session with Angela Chandler Photography, please don’t hesitate to send a message on through.  I would love to be able to offer these once in a lifetime images for you!  Your little one is only sleepy and curly for the first few weeks of life, and then (while still cute, of course), starts acting like a much older baby with longer wake times, and they don’t usually like to curl up and pose for me.  Don’t hesitate to contact me right away for a newborn photography session!

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Mountain View, Ca Newborn Photographers

It was a beautiful day in Mountain View, Ca, and this sweet little 3 week old baby girl was ready for her newborn session.  She seemed like a newborn to me…super sleepy, easy going, and didn’t startle at all.  Mommy mentioned that both she and her big sister were easy babies and I absolutely believe her!  What a gorgeous baby too, love her pink skin in contrast with that dark hair, what a beauty!  Can’t wait to show you all the sneak peeks.  I loved some of the pictures we took in mommy and daddy’s arms, so I will start with those…enjoy!

She had such a sweet little expression while they were holding her!  Love!

Loved being up against daddy’s chest!  Such a sweet little grin.

So pretty in pink!

Pretty in purple too!

Close up!

Would love to be able to photograph your newborn!  If you are pregnant or just had a baby, please don’t hesitate to use the prompt buttons below and click through to send me a message.  I still have availabilities for newborn photo sessions, family photo sessions, and baby photo sessions scattered throughout the fall.  I book up quickly through to the holiday season, so don’t miss out!  Fall in the San Francisco Bay Area is so beautiful, from San Francisco at the beach down along the peninsula, and all the way across the east bay into the valley.  I would love to be able to capture sweet images like these for you to have and carry through the rest of your life.  Memories are captured in pictures, and are so great to look back and remember when…

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Livermore Family Photographers

This morning was well spent, hands down.  An adorable family was ready for their session in downtown Livermore.  Family photo sessions in any downtown, urban location really add a lot of textures and varieties to a shoot.  There are so many fun little nooks, benches, walls, trees, etc. that you really can’t go wrong.  I really love meeting and interacting with families for these sessions, and today was absolutely no disappointment!  What fun!  Girls…almost 13 and almost 10.  Still young at heart, and just lovely people.  Mom and dad are raising two beautiful ladies, and their love for each other just shows.  They’re planning the BEST birthday party…a formal sit down dinner with party dresses and converse sneakers.  Tons of glam, with a little edge.  Love it!  Big sister is into her guitar and her music…both girls are sporty and soccer players too.  It was a blast to capture their smiles and giggles together…clear affection!  Loved it:).  Hope you enjoy your sneak peek!

After walking around for awhile, the girls decided to put on their party dresses and take some pictures in those outfits.  It was great to capture some of them being individuals…just being THEM!  Don’t they have the best smiles, freckles, and blue, blue, blue eyes??

Had to get a converse shot!  Sisters have such an incredible bond…a lifetime one.

I can just see them together when they’re older…gabbing, giggling, and chatting about life…

…and maybe dancing too!

Then, we decided to get some coffee to round out the morning.  It’s fun once the formal stuff is over, once the awkward first shots are over, to do something with the family where they just get to be THEM.  Goofy, funny, joking, laughing and chatting is always a great thing to capture in a family.  And this was no different.  Thank you, fun family, for the coffee…and a morning spent well;)

San Francisco Bay Area Photographer | Pet photographer

So, I couldn’t resist this litter of Golden Retriever puppies.  Pet photography isn’t what I normally do, but when I saw these sweet puppies I knew I wanted to do it!  It was almost like a newborn session where you had to gently rock them to sleep at times, and yet they were so curious and squirmy that it was challenging to have them do anything at times…ok, maybe JUST like a baby session, haha!  Anyhow, it was fabulous to see them sniff and play with each other, and each one SO adorable.  Enjoy!

Started out with this super mellow guy.  The runt of the litter, yet surpassing some of his siblings in weight!  Miracle baby.

Are you kidding me?  Adorable!

Too many not to share, they cracked me up!

Sleeping sweetly!

Hahahaha.  Love them all!

For real?  The tiny paws??  Melt.

Started with just one…

Added more!

Puppy kisses!

…and more!

Then, just let them wander around a bit.

Then they would randomly lay down and fall asleep, hehe!

COME ON with all that cuteness!

San Francisco Bay Area Baby Photographer

Well, I can’t believe this sweet girl turned 1!  She had her very first birthday party today, and I was so happy to be allowed to attend and capture it in pictures!  She has the best cherub cheeks, full lips, and sweet expressions…she handled the day like a champ!  So easy going and sweet, it’s so fun to watch her grow!  I loved being able to see all her sweet friends and relatives from near and far gather in their gorgeous San Francisco home for the party.  Mommy has impeccable taste and I love to see how things come together in such a beautiful way.  It helps that they are all truly beautiful people on the inside as well.  First birthday parties are fun for me because I’m able to sit back, capture expressions and fun moments without interfering.  I love to see babies react to all their loved ones, all the fun events, and of course, the cake smash we all look forward to watching.  This family went all out to celebrate their little one…jump house in the back, crepe makers, yummy food, candy jars to build your own goodie bags, sweets and treats, coloring and stickers for the little ones…flowers, balloons, and the whole works.  It was amazing!  Everyone had a blast, and it was a joy to capture…thanks for having me along for the ride, sweet mommy!  Not just this party, but from Miss M’s newborn, 6 months, and 1 year photographs as well.  Can’t wait to see you in a few months to capture your family images together (not in a party format, hehe).


Gorgeous flowers from today!

Sweet, sweet angel face.  Love. her.

Loved her little smash cake the baker made!

Love her smile!  Taking the candle out…she’s ready!

She ever so gingerly tried it…very neatly:)  Some babies hate the cake smash, others smash right into it…and others are more cautious.  <3  Those lips!

…and everybody got to take home a lovely bag of goodies at the end…great party!

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