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I had the pleasure of meeting this sweet little family this morning…baby brother was welcomed into the world just 15 months ago, and now it’s this baby girl’s turn for her photo session at just 5 days old!  Love getting these little newborns in the first 10 days of life.  They have so many tiny details that are unique to newborns…the only time in a baby’s life where you can capture these images!  They only get bigger:)  Enjoy these images from her newborn session!

Sometimes it can be so hard to get toddlers to engage with a new baby.  This little guy was so curious, he had no fear!  Love:)

All by himself while baby girl was finishing up a snack:)  He was dressed to the nines…adorable!

Loved this wide eyed stare!

Asleep at last!

She woke up in the middle for a tiny bit…so I swaddled her, and she immediately went back out…but not before I caught one serious stare!

She’s such a pretty princess!

Chunky cheeks are so cute!

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Such beautiful weather…balmy and slightly warm, perfect for some maternity pictures!  This sweet mama to be has been anxiously awaiting the time when she can have a newborn baby to hold…and I can’t wait until the little guy is here and we can capture even more memories for her at her newborn photography session.  This belly session was so fun…love seeing them, love catching up, and was super happy to be able to capture their connections in their home city.  Gorgeous Shinn Park and Arboretum was the perfect backdrop for their photo shoot!  Enjoy the sneak peek!

maternity blue gown picture

mom to be and gazebo

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We have had quite a few beautiful days in a row this month, and today was no different!  I’ve been photographing these sweet boys since big brother was an infant at his newborn session.  Now, big brother is almost 5 years old, and little brother just turned 2 in January.  What a treat to be able to spend my morning with them.  Both fun-loving, happy boys that were ready to play games, pose and laugh.  So fun!  Enjoy the sneak peek.

Loved this shy smile he gave me at first…

…but then couldn’t help but crack up…can’t believe how big he is and how much he has changed from his first portrait session all those years ago!

Little brother…same way.  Shy smile at first, and then all is forgotten when we start to play and have fun:)

It’s that time of year…I start to book up when the weather turns nice, the spring blooms come out, and the weather takes a turn for the better!  It’s gorgeous in the San Francisco Bay Area this time of year, and pretty much any location is suitable for wonderful family pictures, baby portraits, and all kinds of photo sessions.

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The weather in the San Francisco Bay Area this weekend is just gorgeous!  I decided to spend Valentine’s Day morning with these sweet little love bugs.  Their family is just adorable and sweet, they absolutely made my day.  They showed up to Shinn Park and Arboretum right on time and ready for their family photo session.  Family photography sessions are one of my favorite things to do, and it’s hardly a “job” to run around, play games, and capture fun smiles and family connections.  Gorgeous!

Mom was hoping that it would be green, and yep, it was!  The rain from last weekend sped the process of some lovely spring-like surprises…she even got blossoms!  Enjoy the sneak peek:)

Love their interactions!

Sweet kisses from mommy and tickles from daddy!

Sweet little 2 month baby girl…large, bright eyes, calm and serene.  She’s beautiful!

Now is the time to book your spring family photo session!  The blooms are out, the gardens are green, and the weather is lovely.  Please send me a note if you are interested!  I still have some openings for March newborns and family sessions…week day and weekend availabilities.  I would love to be able to capture these memories of your family:)

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It’s been about 6 months since I met this little baby girl at her newborn photography session.  Today, she was happy, awake and ready for her 6 month baby session.  She was happy, alert, and so smiley.  It’s fun to be able to watch babies grow up that first year…they change so much from the newborn phase to their first birthday…it’s a joy to capture it!  Thanks mommy, for having me out to capture this great milestone!  Sitting (just about) unassisted, bendy, chunky and perfect in every way!

Enjoy the sneak peek.

Love baby cheeks!

Thought her big sister might get a kick out of this “Frozen” type shot:)  Love this little snowflake!

We even got to go outdoors for some!  What a treat this January weather gave us!  She was a trooper and happy throughout the session!

I know I normally do many newborn sessions, but I also am available to capture your baby’s milestones throughout the first year.  If you are interested in capturing an older baby’s pictures in a photo session, please contact me today.  If you just had a newborn and I’ve already taken your pictures, feel free to contact me for an older baby session.  I suggest different “milestones” to be captured rather than certain months simply because babies do things at different ages.  The first milestone to watch for (after the newborn session) is when baby pushes up comfortably when on their tummy, and can lay on their back and kick their feet up (even grab them) which is typically about 4-6 months.  The next milestone to capture is when baby is sitting unassisted (may be crawling)…usually about 7-9 months.  The last milestone is, in fact, their birthday…whether the baby is walking or not, parents usually like to capture that one year milestone…either with a cake smash, or just a photo session.

Angela Chandler Photography works out of the greater San Francisco Bay Area for newborn, baby, and family photography sessions.

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