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The last time I saw this little guy he was just a tiny little thing!  He had dark spiky hair and one of the cutest faces ever, such a doll.  Sweetest little baby ever!  Fast forward one year, and he is the cutest little one year old…full of happy smiles, healthy, tons of curiosity, and just happy to be with everyone!  You never know what you’re going to get with a one year old…for real.  He was pure joy.  Loved him!

Mommy and Daddy brought him to a lovely park on a beautiful day in San Carlos, Ca, located on the San Francisco Bay peninsula.  It’s a charming little city, perfectly suited for babies, families and children.  They were ready for their photo session…lots of fun interaction with little guy, sitting, playing, walking…on the playground and all over the park.  We ended up on one of the same blankets we used for his newborn portrait session…and we did a cake smash baby session with it!  Mommy brought the most adorable homemade cake, a cute sign, and he went to town.  You never know…some babies love the cake, others might just look, gingerly touch and maybe try a bite…some cry at it.  This happy guy started out slowly touching it, but of course once he figured out what it was he entertained us for a good long while, haha.  He was so happy to be able to taste the frosting and didn’t mind getting messy in the least!

Well, as you can imagine, I always end the day in the cake smash, because there is not much else to do once baby is completely messy.  I also like this cake smash because it was done in the fall colors outdoors.  What a fun treat for everyone!  Enjoy the sneak peek of images for this sweet family!



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This was probably the 4th or 5th session I’ve done for this sweet family, and it’s been a joy to watch their kiddos grow from infants into very sweet, well rounded, fearless bigger kids:).  The last time I saw little sister was at her newborn session and it was so surprising (even though it shouldn’t be) when she got out of the car to see her carry herself in the adorable, bold way that she does.  Loving life one step at a time!  With her sweet brother in tow, doting on her, caring for her.  So sweet!  It turned out to be a lovely morning this last weekend for family pictures.  They dressed adorably, and were stylin’:).  They took this park by storm, enjoy!

We started out with the little ones…the soft light in the trees played perfectly into the backdrop…love!

All smiles!  And so sweet taking her hand and leading her through the park.  Even sweeter?  She let him.  <3

Family picture time!  Have to get one for the Christmas Cards!

…and once the kids are done looking at me, and are done with my silly noises and games, we just play.  Playing with mommy and daddy…nothing makes for sweeter portraits!

…and before playing at the playground…we walk the path, enjoying the company of each other!  No truer joy!

I’m still able to take families that are interested in last minute family portraits around the holidays!  Please contact me today to reserve your spot.  I’m able to travel around the San Francisco Bay Area to your location, but also am offering a screamin’ deal for those of you willing to come to the Central Valley (Tracy, CA) for pictures!  Don’t hesitate to send me a message through my email or facebook, instagram or twitter.  Can’t wait to talk to you!

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I have had the opportunity to photograph this cute family for the last few years.  It’s so fun to see them, I always love the sweet smiles of the kiddos and their happiness together is really sweet and contagious.  Both mom and dad have a quiet, yet fun-loving demeanor and the children reflect that as well.  I just love watching their sweet little interactions!  It was a beautiful day at the park in Pleasanton, CA, and a lovely day in general for a family photo session with lots of fun pictures in the San Francisco East Bay Area.  We were able to squeeze in the session in the morning before all the rain hit that night.  Whew!  Enjoy:)

Started out with the kiddos this time…they were so easy and cooperated perfectly!  And this little guy’s eyes…um, gorgeous!

Then on to family portraits…love!

Love all the tickles and smiles, but mostly the way little man is looking at me cracks me up completely!  So fun!

Some of my favorite pictures to take are the ones with the parents and each kiddo…that’s special and coveted time!  My own children love to have me just to themselves, even for a cuddle or just a small bit of time…so I want to capture that for others as well.  Plus, dancing with daddy never gets old!

…and one last family shot with some games before they headed off to play at the playground.  Such a pretty place, I hadn’t shot there in quite awhile and it was nice to be able to head there again!

Would you like pictures at this location or a place near your home?  I would love to be able to capture images of your family for you!  Timeless images that show your family’s unique love and affection for each other…send me a message today!  I can’t wait to do your family portraits!

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Halloween morning turned out to be a beautiful morning to get out of the house and take family portraits.  This sweet family showed up ready to go, dressed adorably, matching hair for the girls and lots of smiles.  It was so great to see them again after I had first met them last year.  They decided to take me up on my Tracy area family photo session deal and they met me at a local park to take pictures!  The fall leaves on the sycamore trees are turning yellow and brown…a great fall setting for the pictures!  Enjoy!

I always start out with the “looking at the camera” pictures while the kids are still fresh and aren’t tired of my jokes and silly faces yet, ha!

Then we move into a time of playing silly games and more individual shots with each parent, siblings, etc.  Silly games make for happy faces.  <3

and big kisses!  It’s so fun that 3 year olds still love to be close to mom and dad and have no problem planting a big old kiss right on daddy!

…and then we end the time with big group games…ones that are still fun, and require absolutely no posing whatsoever.  It’s hard enough to wrangle a toddler and get their attention while they are fresh and ready to look at you…but to try it when you are at the end of a session and they are tired of looking at you, that’s a whole other animal, ha!  These guys did really well, and I love the smiles and generally how happy they are to play with their mom:)

I still have some availabilities for this fall if you’d like to capture your family in this way…let me know!  Send me a message and we can get you on the books!

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I’ve discovered a little wonderful gem of a park in Tracy, perfect for family pictures.  Even though the state is in extreme drought it’s so nice to find a park that still, in fact, has a few green trees.  This lovely family joined me from the Sacramento area.  Anna and I have been friends in the photography world since our kids were little, and it’s been so fun to meet up with her on many occasions for fun, friendship, and “talking shop.”  It’s been so fun to photograph her family each year, and I love seeing how the kids are growing and getting bigger.  The girls are genuinely sweet and kind, and little man a ball of laughs and giggles.  So cute!  Since I knew them, I decided to bring my daughter along for the “show” Friday afternoon and she helped me get some of these laughs and smiles.  Having 4 kids (I imagine!) is a handful, but mama handles them all beautifully.  She amazes me with her awesome mothering.  Her DH is an awesome dad as well…full of fun, jokes, and tickles to get the kids laughing.  It’s great to be able to take a step away from the “entertaining” and just watch this family be. together.

I would love to capture these moments for you and your family.  If you are looking for a family photographer, newborn photographer, baby photographer, or wedding photographer, please send me an email today.  I would love to send you some information on how to book a session with me.  I still have fall availabilities for sessions and would be happy to put you on the roster.  My turnaround is very fast…I photographed 3 families on Friday, and they already have their images ready for viewing and ordering, or download (depending on the kind of session they chose).  Please contact me today!

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