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Yesterday morning I got to meet the most beautiful baby girl!  She was a tiny 6 pound little girl with the most beautiful skin and full head of dark hair…so pretty!  The weather was awful outside, but I was able to set up right next to their sliding glass doors, and there was a gorgeous amount of filtered light coming through…making for an ideal newborn photo session.  Even though the weather was windy and rainy outdoors, we were warm and toasty inside.  She started off being a tiny bit awake, and we all know that babies that are slightly in the awake/asleep state have the tendency to smile!  She did a bit of that, and then after wrapping her tightly went straight to sleep!

Loving these cheeks, even though she was such a tiny baby!

Love her little hands here!

…baby needed to break to eat while I cleaned up some of the set ups…I looked up and this cute schnauzer was looking at me with the happiest little grin.  I HAD to snap a quick picture of him, ha!

…and I always try to capture a picture of baby’s eyes, love those simple sweet stares!  This little one did such a good job sleeping through the whole session that mommy humored me after I put away most of my things…baby girl was fed, and dressed, and I just put her on the flokati for some awake shots at the tail end of the session.  And she did not disappoint…love those big dark eyes!

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I got to meet this sweet family in Palo Alto this weekend…there was a break in the rain and gloom for one day, and luckily we had a lovely day in the gardens!  I was able to photograph them last year as well when little sister was just 5 weeks old…it was so fun to see the kiddos older and just have fun playing together.  Mom and Dad were pretty much up for anything and that made for such a fun photo session!

Before everyone arrives to a photo session, I generally get there early and scope out the place making sure I know where to plan to shoot.  This time of year I expected just a green garden without any blossoms since it is only January and we have only had rain without much sun.  I was pleasantly surprised to see quite a few blooms there, and had some fun just walking around taking a few pictures of them.  We photographers sometimes need to shoot something just for us to recharge our batteries and get inspired.  Sometimes for me that means shooting something completely different than I normally do…like still life…things I don’t have to chase (as fun as toddlers are to chase, haha!).

Anyhow, enjoy!

And then when everyone arrived, we got started right away!  We started off getting used to being in front of the camera by walking and interacting together…the girls were so cute just walking out in front together!

The girls also bring their special stuffed animals each time to the shoot as well.  It’s so fun to see how well loved they are, and it’s a great idea.  Each of my own children had their own special stuff animal or blanket and I wish I had taken more time to capture them with it since it was so important to them!

Sweet baby girl loved to dance!  Especially when mommy played music!

Palo Alto, CA family photographer

This lovely family has graced the page of my blog quite a few times, it’s been so great to be able to see how big the kiddos have gotten!  Big sister is now 5, and I first photographed her as an infant.  I’ve been able to photograph each new sibling coming into the picture, and now there are three little ones!  They came SO dressed up to this shoot!  I loved how sparkly and fancy they all were, even mommy with her super high heels!  Just sharing some cute pictures of the kiddos today, and mommy is getting all of the edited files via digital download, so I’m sure she will share so many of the family portraits that turned out so cute as well!  Enjoy, sweet family!

Well, we got a great break in the recent storm, and it dawned nice and sunny this afternoon, perfect lighting for the photo session!  We met at one of my favorite locations (Gamble Gardens in Palo Alto), and lucked out…the gardens generally prove to be beautiful all year long, but I still wondered about a December session there.  I was pleasantly greeted with lots of green plants and trees.  There were some golden leaves still hanging around in some areas, but mostly, just lovely greenery everywhere!

Love how big sister twirled her beautiful dress for me!  These shots are just priceless to me, so girly and fun, I think I treasure them the most out of shots I have of my own daughter like this.

…and the little brother just about killed me.  His personality has really come out since I saw him last!  He was such a ham, posing in all kinds of ways, laughing, funny…and yet, my favorite shot of him is this serious one where he is staring straight at me.  Gorgeous eyes!

…and his cute smile:)

Little sister took a little time to warm up to me, but when she did…what a doll!

Tracy, CA family photographers

I was able to meet this wonderful family tonight…and what a gorgeous evening it turned out to be!  The crisp fall air, the bright colors on the trees, the sinking sun in the sky…made for perfect portrait conditions.  I just loved seeing the two kiddos and their mommies hug, snuggle, and play together in the beautiful light.  I’ve been using this park for awhile this year, and it’s been such a treat to have families drive out to meet me here.  The variety of trees and foliage make for lovely backdrops for timeless and natural pictures that I know all families want to have!  If you have been waiting for your fall session this season, I still have a few spots available, don’t hesitate to send me a message today, I would love to capture memories like this for your family!

Enjoy!  The colors. enough said.

The kiddos by themselves…playing silly word games, tickle games, and loved seeing how well they get along.  So cute!

And then we did some alone pictures with each parent…love how they know just how to make each kid smile, giggle, and even fall to the floor laughing.  Ha!

But there is also a time for sweet kisses as well.  Enjoy them while they still want to hand them out, sweet mommies!

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Central Valley family photographer | Tracy, CA family photographers

Another chilly morning has come upon us out here in the Central Valley, CA…Tracy, CA specifically.  But this sweet family showed up ready for their pictures in true style.  I have had the privilege of photographing these little guys since they were newborn babies!  It’s always fun to see how much kiddos that I have photographed in the past have grown since I have last seen them!  Luckily, braving the cold weather has it’s advantages…the leaves have FINALLY started to turn colors here in the drought ridden valley of California, and we have some yellow, orange and red shining through!  Makes for a fun morning of games, smiles, leaves, and the rest!  Enjoy:)

Adorable.  Love this!

Love all the warmth, in more ways than one!  Sweet kisses from mommy, and being thrown up into the air by daddy makes for great picture opportunities, and sweet expressions that make for timeless natural pictures!

Many of the sycamore trees have lost their leaves, and they were ALL over the ground.  The kids had fun taking handfuls of the leaves and throwing them up in the air on the count of three.  So cute…the joy on their faces makes this game so priceless!!

Walking further into the park gives a fresh change in perspective and a new look at ways to take pictures.  Plus, the walk there is always great to photograph as well!

Climbing on fences, peeking through trees, and ending up on the playground makes for a fun time for all, and as always, the best portrait smiles!

AND after the playground, after the pictures, after the leaf throwing, after the ring around the roses a billion times we ended on a huge hug.  It was so funny to watch little brother practically tackle big sister into the big pile of leaves.  So great!

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